Tuesday, October 18, 2011


         My roommate Shelby and I went to see the lion king in 3D! We were so excited for something comfortingly American and familiar like going to the movie theatre to see a Disney movie. We got there and realized it was actually El Rey León…(without subtitles!) so we were a little worried but we obviously were going to watch it anyway! It was surprisingly extremely easy to understand… I didn’t catch every single word but luckily I have the majority of the English version memorized. =D The songs were quite possibly my favorite part of the whole thing. I immediately downloaded “Hakuna Matata” and “Yo Voy a Ser Rey León” when I got home. They are incredibly fun to sing and compare to the English versions! So all of that inspired me to continue my studies in one of the most fun ways possible…just watching movies in Spanish! Shelby has a lot of movies with her so I watched Buscando a Nemo already… and The Hangover is in line along with Ice Age and Shrek! Don’t worry, I’m not going to lock myself in my room and just watch movies all day, but they are perfect for those random downtimes when if I had internet, I would be bumming on facebook.

          Thinking I was a hot-shot after being able to understand El Rey León, I went to another movie in Spanish. I went to see Mi Verano con Amanda 2…which is a Puerto Rican movie with a ton of slang and jokes I don’t understand! My friend Gilberto tried to explain the humor to me…it took awhile. I enjoyed it, though! One of the main characters used to date the brother of my friend Rubén… and now she’s a famous singer and actress here! Her name is Janina.

        Speaking of not getting jokes…We have decided that humor is definitely the hardest thing in understanding a different language. You REALLY have to know Spanish if you ever want to have a chance at understanding jokes…Let alone making them. That’s another reason why I decided to stop speaking Spanish to people I just meet if they can be considered potential friends… I am not funny or interesting because my conversations have zero depth to them. I also usually say something really confusing which I am pretty sure scares people away. So now I save my Spanish for my friends who want to help me learn and random conversations with people I don’t really care to impress, like the janitors in my dorm.

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