Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nunca voy a salir.

Now that I figured out how to post pictures, this is the "airport" I flew into...

First day of School/ Classes

I like school! Its fun to get the small private school experience and all of my teachers are basically cute little grandmas! I'm going to give you the detailed lowdown on each one.
My first class was terrible! It was Spanish-American Literature and could not understand a single word that the teacher was saying. To top it all off, she has crazy inch-long fingernails that are incredibly distracting! She passed out three huge packets of reading to do and I was completely overwhelmed. It took me forever to get through the first one because I tried to be a huge overachiever about it and highlighted each word I didn’t know and looked it up. After a few hours of that without making much progress I just decided to wing it. The next class I understood maybe like every tenth word so I’m taking baby steps in the right direction!
My Anthropology class is going to be great, mostly because the teacher gave me the textbook in English…and she is fluent in English and really nice when I pathetically come up to her after class to make sure I got the gist of the lecture. I also appreciate her speaking to me in Spanish when I try to speak it to her. Most people respond in English which is a huge blow to my ego. English Literature for Teenagers is the best class ever, its for non-native speakers and I better get a freaking A++
 I also like my Grammar teacher, she speaks very slowly and clearly so I don’t feel like such a failure. =)

Beaches are beautiful, waters are clear and blue, and life is always good. This one was awesome, you walk onto a pier and it leads to this sweet ocean/pool that is fenced off underwater!

Running Escapades
·      It is way more fun to run in Puerto Rico and I have yet to become bored. There is a great little trail by my dorm that is pretty much in a miniature rainforest. A little creek goes through it and there are bamboo trees everywhere. It is also great when someone nonchalantly passes me on a horse (when I’m running through town, not on the trail). The first time that happened I had to do a double take because I was so confused. Its apparently a super casual way of transportation here and I find it hilarious. People will just tie their horse up to a tree on the side of the highway and I am always tempted to go pet them. Oh! Today I ran past two men on their front porch playing their trumpets really loudly… that too made me smile. Other than that, I count lizards that pass by (and try not to squash them), look at cool homes, and see all of the random stray cats and dogs. Which reminds me, I got a particularly great workout today when a terrifying dog chased me away from what was apparently his property. (Elle- I thought about you in the midst of the experience…haha <3) It was the fastest I have ever ran in my entire life, and it was uphill too! He was right behind me barking ferociously and I was frantically seeing my life flash before my eyes and cursing like a fool. Like I said, never boring.

I was going to talk about having the best weekend of my life, but that will have to wait because it has been extended!! Tropical storm Irene has cancelled my classes for tomorrow! Its like a snow day equivalent for Boricuas. (That means Puerto Ricans... just a little useless knowledge to leave you with.)

But hopefully I survive because I am really starting to enjoy my life here and this whole blogging thing. 


(That reminds me! Puerto Ricans love the cheek kiss when saying hello and goodbye. And I LOVE IT TOO!)

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